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St Pega’s wall paintings and why we need to save them

The Significance of St Pega’s Wall-paintings and why we need to save them By Dr Avril Lumley Prior (posted by David Hankins)   The Church and its wall-paintings The present building was erected in 1014/15 as the ‘new minster at Pegecyrcan [Peakirk]’. In 1016, it received grants of land from King Edmund Ironside for the… Read More »

Talking About Peakirk

  On 2nd May next year at 7 30pm in Werrington Village Centre, Dr Avril Lumley Prior will be giving a talk to Werrington History Society  about Peakirk’s past.          ‘ Probing Peakirk’s Past: The Archaeology of a Fen-edge Settlement ‘                 Christopher Saxton [1576] Synopsis Peakirk is a… Read More »