Dear Peakirk Resident,

In today’s hectic world we are fortunate to live in the beautiful village of Peakirk. With the pressures of modern day life a sense of community wellbeing is to be encouraged for all ages.

With this in mind the Village Hall Management Committee have discussed the following ideas to encourage community activities in the village, for all age groups and to fit in with busy lives.

Noted below are some of our ideas:-

Peakirk Easy Cook and Baking Group

Peakirk Bikers Cycling Group

Peakirk Horticultural and Gardening Group

Peakirk Craft and Hobby Group

Peakirk Ramblers

Peakirk Music Society

Peakirk Running and Athletics Group

Peakirk Help for All- Volunteer Group

Peakirk Angling Group

Peakirk Photographic Group

 If you have an interest (or have an idea of your own) please e-mail Brian Lever @ or drop a note at Fairwinds, 3, The Park, and mention your interest. Brian will collate the replies bringing like-minded adults, teenagers and children together at discussion groups in the village hall as to how ideas can be developed.

Why not spend a little more of your precious time making new friends in the village with common interests?

With Thanks,

Brian Lever  –  Peakirk Village Hall Committee.


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