Glinton and Peakirk Green Group

Aims and Strategy

The aims of the recently formed Glinton & Peakirk Green Programme are to coordinate, explore and encourage sustainable living as it could apply to Glinton, Peakirk and the surrounding villages by:

  • Encouraging greater energy efficiency in the community.
  • Encouraging resource efficiency – particularly non renewable fuels.
  • Providing an opportunity for green issues to be debated.
  • Exploring the most suitable technologies for our community.
  • Acting as a central contact point for energy & green issues.
  • Trying to influence local and regional planning and decisionmaking.
  • Providing support to people in the area to save energy/resources and lower their bills.

The strategy is to concentrate on long term major projects in parallel to modest more and easily achievable initiatives. – Already a number of options are being considered:

Major Projects

  • Intelligent street lighting that will provide light only when required
  • Improve community facilities such as Peakirk village hall & Glinton swimming pool by improving energy efficiency.
  • Monitor villages total electricity and gas usage to determine how effective energy efficiency measures are.
  • Community micro heat and electrical generation through the anaerobic digestion of food, green and farm waste.
  • Widespread use of wind turbines, solar PV, solar thermal and ground/air Heatpumps

Modest Projects

  • Improve public transport usage.
  • Local Eco Car Share / Hire.
  • Safe routes to school – reduce school runs.
  • Community recycling for non PCC recyclable product such as plastics.
  • Provision of allotment
  • Plant swap
  • Glinton Green Fair

Further info is available from David Cowcill the leader of the group