Peakirk's future, our neighbourhood plan 2030

Peakirk's future development is being determined through the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The project is kindly funded by the Community Development Foundation.

The plan has now been submitted.

The submission, the plan and the evidence are attached below.

Keep an eye on the website for more details of the ongoing process.


The plan:

NP Rev 8.1.pdf
Plan summary final.pdf



Consultation statement.pdf

Evidence of consultation stage 1 and 2.pdf

Evidence of consultation stages three and four.pdf

Peakirk Basic Conditions Statement Dec 16.pdf

SEA Screening Report_Peakirk NP_27 July 2016_Draft.pdf

The Launch Event.pdf


The evidence:

Conservation area appraisal.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions 3_0_0.pdf

Green Infrastructure evidence.pdf

LCA final summary sheets ver 4.pdf

Peakirk Census Analysis V1 2016-12-16.pdf

Peakirk House Audit R3 2016.pdf

Peakirk LCA August 2016 .pdf

PNP 2030 Heritage.pdf

PNP Character Area Assessment.pdf

Views important to the Historic Setting of Peakirk PK2.pdf

Water Study.pdf


Local character assessments:

13 Deeping Road East Sept.pdf

14 WFT Sept.pdf

15 A Deeping Road West sept.pdf

15b Hermitage Field sept.pdf

16 Rectory Lane sept.pdf

17 Allotments sept.pdf

18 South of St pegas Rd sept.pdf

19 Werrington Lakes sept.pdf

20 between the railway and the Folly river sept.pdf

21 south of the Folly River sept.pdf

22 Folly River sept.pdf

23 Corporation Bank sept.pdf

24 Folly bridge sept.pdf