Parish Council

Peakirk Parish Council consists of a chairman and up to 6 councillors, elected every four years by eligible voters on the Register of Electors of the parish, or subsequently co-opted. The Register of Electors 2007 listed 145 properties and 301 Electors.

Your councillors are:

Henry ClarkHenry Clark

    • Henry Clark (Chairman), 2 Chestnut Close – Tel 01733 253203

Sally JacksonSally Jackson

    • Sally Jackson, 1 St Pega’s Rd – Tel 01733 253483

Roy PettittRoy Pettitt

    • Roy Pettitt, 3 St Pega’s Rd – Tel 01733 252049

Gary WrightGary Wright

    • Gary Wright, 36 St Pegas Road – Tel 01733 252268

Emma CrowsonEmma Crowson

    • Emma Crowson, 36a St Pegas Road – Tel 01733 252200

Greg PriorGreg Prior

    • Greg Prior, 1 Rectory Lane – Tel 01733 252764

David FovargueDavid Fovargue

    • David Fovargue, 31b St Pegas Road – Tel 01733 254227

Angela HankinsAngela Hankins

    • Angela Hankins (Clerk), 8 The Park, St Pega’s Rd – Tel 01733 253397 Email:


We meet on the third Monday of each month, except August, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm and everybody in the village is welcome to attend. Residents are always welcome, especially at the beginning of each meeting. All councillors complete a register of interests form. You can find a link to this information

Our Clerk is employed by Peakirk Parish Council to facilitate the working of the council. Councillors receive no financial reward but can claim travelling expenses.