Peakirk Climate Emergency Group

Your Parish Council recognises that without concerted action we will all suffer the consequences of damage to the climate. Yes, Peakirk is a small cog in the international wheel but we can make a contribution and should fo rthe protection of future generations of our families.

What are we doing?

  • Set up the Peakirk Climate Emergency Group (PCEG). Meets monthly online
  • Working with neighbouring Parishes on a common agenda
  • Joined the John Clare Nature Recovery Project

Key Initial Ideas

  • Identify land suitable for trees, hedges and wildlife areas including road verges
  • Consider making better use of our dykes and drains
  • Look for more walking/cycling routes
  • Undertake tree, plant and insect surveys

What can you do?

  • Join the group – here is a link to the Facebook group
  • Record the trees in your garden
  • Identify parcels of land for planting trees, wildflowers
  • Offer ideas for walking/cycling routes
  • Offer other ideas

Why not grow a tree? Plant pot and compost provided.

Further details on this and the PCEG please contact or phone 253483