In order to make a booking:


Rates of hire (wef 23/1/19):

Peakirk Residents (private functions)

  • Monday to Friday £7 per hour
  • Saturday and Sunday £9 per hour

Non Peakirk Residents (private functions)

  • Monday to Friday £12 per hour
  • Saturday and Sunday £15 per hour

Peakirk Residents (Commercial Functions)
Bookings for 6 months or longer with at least 2 per calendar month:

  • Any day £9 per hour

Non Peakirk Residents (Commercial Functions)
Bookings for 6 months or longer with at least 2 per calendar month,

  • Any day £10 per hour

All Day Rate (12 hours)

  • Peakirk Residents £85
  • Non Peakirk Residents £125

Conditions of hire:

By signing the booking form you are agreeing to the Conditions of Hire

    1. A MAXIMUM of 120 people are allowed in the hall at any one time (will accommodate 100 seated)
    2. Fire exits must not be blocked and that the Fire Safety notice has been read and understood
    3. No underage drinking allowed
    4. Please respect local residents with regard to noise levels, from both participants and any hired music; strictly no music after 23:30. (Failure to keep noise levels down may jeopardise our Licence and future bookings of the hall)
    5. Fireworks are not allowed
    6. To comply with our Entertainment Licence, a First Aider must be present at all public events, i.e. when the event is publicised and the public pay to attend
    7. Unless it is a ‘bring your own alcohol’ event a licence number must be provided before any keys are handed over. This includes both honesty bars and ‘sales’ using the ‘every-raffle-ticket-wins-a-drink’ system and the like
    8. Any damages or breakages to be paid for by the hirer
    9. At the end of the event, please ensure the following:
      • All rubbish is emptied into outside bin
      • All tables and chairs to be neatly stacked on the appropriate trolley
      • The kitchen to be left clean and tidy – All crockery/cutlery used to be returned to cupboards
      • All party decorations to be removed at the end of hire
      • Ensure the hall is tidied and left as found
      • All lights and heating to be switched off at the end of hire. (In Winter return the heating to the “Timer” setting and temperature in the hall to 60 degrees)
      • At the end of the function please lock all doors and post the key in the letter box at the right of the front door

The law states that no-one must smoke within five metres of any door or window that opens. Therefore, the only place where people may smoke within the Halls grounds is against the front hedge. By signing the booking form the hirer agrees to ensure this smoking policy is adhered to and that any fine imposed upon the Hall by the appropriate authority will be passed onto, and paid by, the appropriate hirer. The hirer also agrees to ensure the ‘smoking area’ is left clean at the end of the hire

Thank-you very much for your co-operation
Peakirk Village Hall Committee

Data Protection Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation will be effective from 25th May 2018 and requires organisations to offer subject access  to what personal data it holds, why it is held, how it is held, the criteria for deletion of that data. The village hall committee will hold email addresses, telephone numbers and occasionally addresses of the hirers of the hall in order to administer the hire and send invoices. The information will be stored electronically on the bookings and invoicing systems.  When the hire period is ended the information will be deleted unless longer is required by law, for example invoices have to be kept for 6 years.

We will not share this information with any other party or use it for any other purposes.

Fire safety:

Before signing the booking form you must read the fire safety document below:

Fire safety

The person in charge of the function should check the location of the fire exits and other exit points. These should be free from obstruction at all times.

A mobile phone should be available if a call to the fire brigade is required.

The hirer should also be aware of the location of the fire extinguishers and fire blanket and read the operating instructions

The person in charge should be aware of who is attending the function in case of an evacuation

In case of fire

Call the Fire Brigade. Please note there is neither phone in the hall nor public phone in the village.

Attack the fire if possible with the appliances available but without taking personal risks. Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen, at the front and back of the hall. There is a fire blanket in the kitchen.

If safe, electrical appliances should be switched off and doors and windows closed.

Leave the building by the nearest available exit. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

Fire exit doors are located at the back of the hall either side of the stage in addition to the main entrance door. Bull Lane opposite the hall and adjacent to the Ruddy Duck public house should be used as an assembly point.

Members of your group should be designated to ensure the building is vacated without taking personal risk and that all people at the function are accounted for.

Contact the Booking Secretary.

Do not re-enter the building until instructed by a responsible person to do so.