St Pega Project


St Pega’s Project Group

The Group comprising representatives from the church, parish council and village hall committee has been established to progress changes to the church developed and agreed by the Parochial Church Council. The changes include alterations to the internal layout, conservation of the wall paintings and the installation of a toilet in the church yard. The major task for the Group will be to obtain the authorities required to complete the work and funding to meet the cost.

            Existing Internal Layout                                                                                                                                                                                                               Proposed Internal Layout


                                                                                                                               Proposed Toilet in Churchyard 

           Existing Location of Font                                                                                                                                                                                                            Proposed Location of Font

Front and Back Pews to be Removed

                                                                                                                                 Shed to be Converted to Toilet

                                                                                                                         Medieval Wall Paintings to be Conserved

St Pega’s Project Inaugural Public Meeting

3 pm 10 March 2018 Peakirk village hall


Sally J, Trish R, David H, Avril LP, Henry C, Angela H, David F, Pauline C, Brian L, Christine D, Rev Mark-Aaron.


1To inform residents of the plans to make internal changes to St Pega’s church (known as re-ordering) including the preservation of the medieval wall paintings and the installation of a toilet in the church yard.

2 To seek support and assistance from residents.

3 To consider the way forward.


Plans for the changes have been under discussion for a number of years and approved by the parochial church council. The joint project group comprising representatives from the church, parish council and village hall committee was recently formed to help progress the work.

A flyer was distributed to every household announcing this first meeting.


To extend the community and educational appeal of the church by improving access and facilities


Copies of architect’s drawings prepared in 2014 were circulated and discussed in detail. In order to best manage the work it was decided to divide it into 4 sections.


Other internal work (removal of pews, installation of servery, relocating the font.

Preservation of the wall paintings

Installation of outside toilet

The work has been costed albeit some years ago as follows;

Lighting £30k

Toilet £40k

Internal work £15k

Wall paintings £50k

Over the years the proposed changes have been discussed with officers from the diocese and found support. Similarly in 2012 there was a joint visit to the church by diocese representatives, the members of Peterborough City Council, the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings and the Council of Care for Churches.

It was noted that this may have to be repeated and certainly formal approval will be required whether by City Council planning permission or a faculty (authority) from the diocese.

A major survey was conducted in the village in 2012 to gauge resident support for the preservation of the paintings. There was a strong view that the paintings are an important part of the village heritage and should be preserved.

At the meeting volunteers came forward to assist in the project;

Emma C and Avril LP with the wall paintings

Henry C with the lighting

Angela H with the toilet


It was agreed that the major challenge for the project is the successful application for grant(s).Without the funding which is beyond local church finances, the changes will not happen

A question was raised about the availability of any community funding (known as CIL, community infrastructure levy) from the housing development starting on the Neaverson timber yard. In response the meeting was advised that any CIL money is paid to the City Council and then distributed according to priorities which may not include this project.

A number of grant sources were outlined including’

Leader Fund is a major EC fund but time limited. Any grant awarded has to be committed by March 2019

Awards for All lottery fund

Church Care

Heritage lottery fund

WREN funding from landfill charges

No decisions were made on funding.

Other Issues

Bats are a problem in the church and could present a health risk. Bat conservation groups have been to St Pega’s and can advise on a compromise position recognising the protected status of bats.

Historical artefacts gathered during local archaeological digs could be housed in St Pega’s to add to the historic context

Guide book/Information boards again an essential educational element of the project. Avril LP offered to prepare the texts and discuss locating the artefacts.

Regular updates by all practicable means to keep residents informed of progress.

Future Meetings

It was agreed to hold regular meetings with all those who have expressed an interest. It was noted that Sally J will be away for 4 weeks but important to hold a meeting during that period to maintain momentum.

David H will consider an agenda for the next meeting and arrange date and venue