Community Infrastructure Levy Report

Community Infrastructure Levy Report

Financial Year: April 2020-March 2021

New CIL receipts     – none

Previous CIL receipts:

08.05.2019 2,433.61
15.05.2019 1,622.41
30.08.2019 3,750.00
Total 7,806.02

CIL Expenditure – none

CIL receipts remaining at end of year – £7,806.02

Summary of what the CIL was spent on – n/a

Details of any notice served by the CA for failure to use CIL monies within the required 5 year period
or appropriately.
The report should be published on our website (or the CA’s website if you do not have one).
A copy of the report should be sent to the CA (from which you received the CIL monies) no later than
31st December following the relevant financial year, unless the report will be published on the CA’s

CIL receipts to be used within 5 years of receipt