Transparency code

Attached are a series of documents setting out:

List of councillor responsibilities (Councillor contact details - committees)

Location of public land and building assets ( Asset Register)

End of year accounts (please include Annual Accounts & Annual accounts - return format)

Annual Governance Statement

Annual Internal audit report

Items of expenditure above £100

Auditors certificate

Peakirk Parish Council - Councillor Details47.65 KB
Asset Register (with photos) - March 2015.docx90.09 KB
Annual Accounts 2015.pdf5.6 KB
Annual Accounts _Return format_ 2015.pdf227.78 KB
Annual Governance Statement 2015.pdf235.85 KB
Annual Internal Audit Report 2015.pdf234.53 KB
Annual Expenditure above £100.pdf21.31 KB
External auditor statement.pdf788.2 KB