Miller, Gerrard Charles Marillier

Miller, Gerrard Charles Marillier

Name: Miller, Gerrard Charles Marillier
Born: York 26/05/1892
Enlisted: 07/08/1914
Regiment: 9th Seaforce Highlanders (Pioneers), 28th Bd HQ afterwards 3rd ?????, 9th Dir HQ
Rank: T/Lieutenant, A/Captain
Service: France (1915-18)
Decorations: Mentioned in despatches – 24/5/1917, 16/3/1919, 28/8/1919
Wounded: Accidentally – Bois-de-la-Haie (7/7/1916), Vimy Ridge (30/8/1916)


6 thoughts on “Miller, Gerrard Charles Marillier

  1. I tripped over this great photo of Gerrard via Google. He is the eldest of four brothers who served in the Great War and two were killed, including Ralph, who was my Grandad’s Platoon Commander.
    I have more info on his family and education and have met Gerrard’s niece. Please may I use his photo for my research publication and if you have source data for his records (wounds and Vimy etc) it would be great to see these. I’d seen the 1917 MiD, but didn’t know about the others. I’d also be interested to learn what connection Gerrard has with your village?

    1. Thanks for your comment Tim, and please use it for your research. We don’t have much more to go on I’m afraid, the details in the memorial itself are reproduced on the website (you can see the handwritten copy in picture form on the war memorial page).
      All of the individuals in the memorial have a link to the village of Peakirk and so I have to speculate that he lived here either just before or just after the great war.

  2. I’ve found that Gerrard could not have been at Bois de la Haie until 31/7/1916 and remained there throughout August 1916. There’s no record of him being accidently wounded and he certainly wasn’t wounded at Vimy Ridge in August 1916. It’s possible the wounding took place, but the dates are wrong. Have you come across similar inconsistencies in these records?

    1. Thanks Tim, that’s interesting. I’m not aware of other differences but suspect that not many will have been tested. I do know the records were handwritten, could there be a mix up between his record and someone else on the memorial?

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