Meeting held  in St. Pega’s  church

Present        Mr J Carlin, Mrs  P  Cooke,   Mrs C Dearman,    Mrs P Gall, Mrs J Harris, Mr B Lever,  Mrs S Lever,                                                                                                                                            Meeting chaired by  Rev. Mark-Aaron  Tisdale             

                                         The meeting opened with a prayer

Apologies      Ms T Roberts


                      The minutes of the meeting held on 16th September 2020 were circulated prior to the meeting. They were accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting.  

Matters  arising

                       The workshop arranged by the  God’s Own Acre organisation has been rescheduled for July 2021.

                        Elaine Titman has repaired and returned the cream altar frontal. She has now taken the green one which unfortunately cannot be repaired although the fringe can be saved. Elaine will source 3 samples of green material for a decision on which to use for a replacement.

                         One of the items of work  identified in the quinquennial review was the placing of a tray under the bell cote. Two estimates have been obtained, C.E.L estimated £5,000, Nick Evans estimated £920.00 + V.A.T. with the addition of £800-900 extra for scaffolding. A letter has been received from the archdeacon with regard to the quinquennial  report.

                           A grant of £1,000 toward the cost of the new roof has been sent from a trust administered by the solicitors Buckles. Thanks have been sent to them and to Sally Jackson for securing the grant.

                            Another leak was discovered after some heavy rain. C.E.L visited but because of the icy conditions could not inspect manually. It was inspected by drone, they will return at a later date.

                             The paper behind the reredos has been removed as suggested in the quinquennial report.

                              The timbers in Maxey church have been treated. We may have to consider doing the same.



Treasurer’s  Update

                            All P.C.C. members had been provided with an update for the period Jan – Nov 2020. The treasurer was unable to be present at the meeting but Brian Lever had liased with him prior to the meeting.

                            It  was noted that early in 2021 we have to repay a retaining fee of £2,110  to C.E.L.  With the corona virus pandemic showing every sign of continuing well into 2021  curtailing our fund raising activities again, this is something else to be managed out of limited income.

                             The year end accounts will need to be audited  and agreed before the next A.C.P.M.

Parish  Share

                           The views expressed were all inline with those from previous discussions. We have had no direct support from the diocese  following the theft of the lead from the roof. All our other plans have had to be put on hold and we have suffered a serious effect to our fundraising due to the pandemic.

                             It was agreed unanimously that we would wait until the final figures were available at the end of the year and then take  a final decision about whether we could afford a further payment to out parish share.

Churchwardens’ Update

                               A complaint had been received from the residents of 10 Rectory Lane about overhanging tree branches. The council has given permission for the branches to be trimmed.

                                Honor Gay from Bats in Old Churches and Mat. Cook from bat conservation have visited again following continued problems with bats in spite of the roof work having been carried out in line with their requirements. Remedial  internal work has been recommended costing £3,699 + architect’s fees. Honor Gay will give a grant of £6,000 for this work.

                                  A letter and a booklet have been received from the daughter of Jonathan Aitken the former M.P. jailed for perjury. She requested that we should pray for her.

Rector’s  Update

                                  During the lockdowns  electronic means of relaying services etc. have reached more people than would normally have attended church in person.

                                   Mission  and outreach have increased as there are now more than 100 people on the distribution list organised by Jane Harris.

                                   Messy church  has been held twice. Once in Peakirk village hall and once on Zoom. The hope is that it will reach out to families who would not come to traditional church services.

                                    The  service of Nine Lessons and Carols was made available online and was viewed 66 times in less than 24 hours. Brian Lever said that everyone connected with the service should be congratulated especially Simon Richard and he felt that it supports the claim that the Benefice should continue be web based in addition to the provision of traditional services.

                                     The  Benefice has been asked to take an ordinand from January – Easter  during her 2nd year of  training for ordination.

                                     We also have a reader in training.

                                      It is hoped to hold another Benefice Away Day to focus on a  5 year plan.

Fire Assessment Review.

                                    This will be dealt with at a future P.C.C. meeting


                                    There were no incidents to report.


                                     As well as raising much needed funds for replacing the roof, Brian Lever’s fund raising effort proved a good exercise in mission as the majority of the money was donated by people with no direct connections with the church.

                                      It was noted that although Messy Church is a Benefice initiative approximately 80% of the helpers have been from Peakirk.

Forthcoming Events.

Christingle has been rearranged to take place on Sunday 13th December.

Christmas Day service to be at St Pega’s at 10 30 a.m.

There is a wedding and baptisms planned for 2021.

St Pega’s patronal festival will be included in the service on Sunday 10th January 202.1  


Jane Harris suggested that with the possibility that we shall not be able to hold our usual fund raising activities again at least for part of 2021 it would be an opportunity to begin the ‘Support Your Church for a Day .

Thanks were expressed to Rev Mark–Aaron for his extra effort during the disruptions caused by the corona virus pandemic.

Date of next meeting

                              P.C.C.   Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 7.0p.m. in church

                               A.C.P.M.    Wednesday 14th  April  2021                   

                               The meeting closed with a prayer at  8.50 p.m.

Sheila Lever

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