Brian Lever’s Flying Challenge.

Brian is a member of the congregation of St Pega’s church, Peakirk near Peterborough. In November 2018, thieves stripped the church roof of its lead, leaving the tiny congregation to raise an initial £70,000 to make the church water-tight and to replace the roof. The congregation set about to raise money to enable the project to commence and thereby protect the fabric of the 1000 year-old church and the priceless medieval wall paintings. Sadly as work started, complications arose and the final bill has been closer to £120,000.

With all churches being closed for the last three months all worship and fund-raising activities have been cancelled and the church’s income has ceased. Brian, a life-long model aeroplane enthusiast, decided to do something about it and set himself the challenge of completing 1004 (the age of St Pega’s church) laps with a model aeroplane while socially-distanced in his garden.

What makes this feat so special?

· Brian is 77 years old

· He has designed, built and tested the plane himself.

· The plane is environmentally friendly – it is powered by a tiny but powerful electric motor using a small lithium polymer rechargeable battery which is fitted to the airframe of the model and provides sufficient power for flight. Also, a minuscule computer timer that controls among several functions when the motor starts, boost power for take-off, the propeller revs for the flight, how long the motor runs for and when the motor powers down.

· The model is attached to two 20’ thread lines connected to a control handle . This enables Brian to control the take off and height of the model while simultaneously turning in the centre circle for each lap the model flies,
meaning that Brian has to rotate himself on the same spot 1004 times without getting dizzy or falling over as well as keeping his arm outstretched and his mind focused on the task.

While there was a break in the weather, Brian completed his challenge earlier this week, each lap logged by an official lap-counter.

By searching Benefice Rector on YouTube you will hear Brian talking about his challenge.

If you would like further information please contact me, Jane Harris,  by email or phone 01733 574311 or contact Brian direct at   We would be highly delighted if you felt able to make a donation to St. Pega’s Church, to help us in our current dilemma, please copy and paste the link below for our Just giving page.

Thank You for reading this and for your support.

Sheila Lever,

Church Warden, St. Pega’s Church.

Chestnut Close, Peakirk

Peterborough PE6 7NH



Sheila Lever

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