Reverend Mark-Aaron’s Thought for Thursday

‘They’ve gone and cancelled our Worship!’
Well, technically NOT TRUE!  The Church of England has suspended public worship services ‘for a season’; prayer and praise is never cancelled!!!  We pray unceasingly; we worship God with our whole being, with our thoughts, our words and through our deeds.
Clergy and worship leaders will be holding many events/services online; some type of service will be livestreamed or recorded for upload to web pages.  Church of England clergy have been instructed to conduct our Daily Prayers in public, in our churches and chapels, publicly praying for our friends and neighbours, our communities – the same things we do daily, just now more overtly in the open and accessible, at safe distances, to all and sundry.
To misquote Journey, ‘Don’t stop believing; hold on to that feeling!’ The feeling that God will be with us always, to the end of the age; believe in God, Jesus says, and believe in Him. Therein lies Hope and the Peace that passes all understanding!
We might have had our public gatherings curtailed; but, nothing will separate us from the love of God, and his son, Jesus Christ our Lord, says Paul.
God bless you! Pax!
from the desk of:

The Reverend Mark-Aaron B. Tisdale
Glinton, Etton, Maxey, Northborough and Peakirk

Sheila Lever

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