Thought for Thursday – Rev’d Mark-Aaron

It’s Easter Week! Yes, really!  Are you also having difficulty keeping track of time, as we mark time marching in place to the tune of our own drums?  Have you also eaten all the Easter treats already?

‘Caution!’ I urge us all, as we stroll through this enforced confinement; we need to bear witness to the loss of liberty, to the loss of freedom of movement, to the loss of social mobility… and not merely cower and doff our caps to a new order, a new way of life, that would force regime change in our hearts and minds.  Yes, our air is cleaner, the night sky clearer and the sound of nature stronger as the noise of human activity is quieter… Now, however, is the opportunity to be inventive, resourceful, ingenious & innovative! The Old Order must make way for a New Order, which I accept; but, let’s make it OUR Order, shaped by our principles and our morals & values.  As Christians, we have a tremendous opportunity to greatly impact this New Order, through our positive engagement in its infancy!  Remember your/our frontlines; they are where our Christian Faith can operate as a force for good in this New Era, this New Order to come, through our witness, God willing!

Lord Jesus, think on me, as we think on that!

Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you!)

from the desk of:

The Reverend Mark-Aaron B. Tisdale


Glinton, Etton, Maxey, Northborough and Peakirk

Sheila Lever

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